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for hood vents for cars Review

A car’s hood has to be able to vent off a lot of heat. The only way for the engine and other cars parts in your vehicle to stay cool is if it can manage that job well. That’s why you need Hood Scoops from Car Store. With their one size fits all design, these scoops will fit most any model on the market today without having too big or too small of gaps between them and the outside surface of your car hoods vents which makes installation incredibly easy with just some old-fashioned duct tape! I think they’re worth every penny, so give me a call when you’re ready to order!

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Features of for hood vents for cars

1. Universal Accessories for All Cars
2. Size is 331*110mm / 13*4
4. Let air go through the scoop in engine area, keeps engine bonnet in cool condition
5. Car Hood Vent can make your car special cool and distinctive, dramatically improves your car’s styling
6. High-Quality Material: ABS material

1. Universal Accessories for All Cars

These hood vents are a universal product, and can be applied to most cars. They have been made with high quality stainless steel which reduces corrosion and the risk of rusting in any weather condition- even when they’re not being used! These will also save you time on maintenance as they need no cleaning or dust removal, so there’s less to worry about if your car is kept outside. Easy installation makes them an ideal buy for anyone whose looking for a quick fix solution that lasts long

2. Size is 331*110mm / 13*4

The size of the vents are 331x110mm, and they come with a flange that’s 4 mm in diameter.


A 3-inch hood vent is important because it helps control the degree of air flow into your car. A smaller opening will not provide as much air but a bigger one can cause an increase in wind noise and actually make driving more difficult, especially at highway speeds. It’s also worth noting that too big of an opening might let out so much cold or hot air that it could damage some components on your vehicle

4. Let air go through the scoop in engine area, keeps engine bonnet in cool condition

It may seem like a small thing, but ensuring good airflow on the bonnet of your car is important in keeping it cool. The scoop allows air to flow through and around the engine, cooling it down. This helps prevent heat build-up and prevents any nasty accidents due to overheating.

5. Car Hood Vent can make your car special cool and distinctive, dramatically improves your car’s styling

A car hood vent is a device that can be mounted on the front of your vehicle to help keep it cool and reduce drag. Consumers who purchase this product, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, will find one for their needs.

6. High-Quality Material: ABS material

High-quality materials make for high quality products. This is the case with hood vents that use ABS material, which has a low possibility of cracking or breaking.

Reviews & Ratings of for hood vents for cars

Our Rating: 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

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The Zebra hood scoop is designed to clear the dashboard of car vents. The design features a large, circular blade with hooks on each side that can be used for clearing air flow and dirt build-up simultaneously.
I found 26 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Zebra hood scoop 4 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
The customer reviews are mostly positive except one negative review saying: “It doesn’t clear as much as I’ve hoped it would” which was contradicted by another reviewer who said “This thing works wonders! Cleared all my vents in no time flat.”
Overall, this product seems like an excellent choice if you want something simple but effective.


While not on the market as of yet, this product is still in development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are hood vents worth it?

A: Hood vents are worth it because they help to keep the heat in your car.

Do hood vents improve performance?

A: Hood vents can help improve performance by providing a cooling effect and reducing the amount of heat that is produced.

Do hood vents increase horsepower?

A: If you are referring to the hood vents on a car, then yes. The air that is pushed out of the hoods will increase horsepower as it is not being used for cooling purposes.

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