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Maier 1947130 Review

The Maier 1947130 is a high quality product and will not disappoint. The price of this hood scoop set was very reasonable, making it the best choice for many consumers to choose from when they are shopping.

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Features of Maier 1947130

1. Made of tough, vacuum-formed, high-density polypropylene
2. Designed for a perfect fit
3. Drilling is required; colors are OEM color matched

1. Made of tough, vacuum-formed, high-density polypropylene

This is a tough, vacuum-formed, high-density polypropylene pitcher with an integrated handle. The Maier 1947130 can be used for various beverages like cold water and iced tea. It’s perfect for taking to the beach or pool because it doesn’t rust even after prolonged exposure to saltwater.

2. Designed for a perfect fit

The Maier 1947130 is a multi-purpose unit that has been designed to be the perfect fit for any kitchen. It can be used as an electric kettle, oven or even crockpot so it’s not only multifunctional but also versatile. With its modern design and push button controls, this machine will look great in your new home too.

3. Drilling is required; colors are OEM color matched

Maier 1947130 is a 3/8-inch x 12 inch long, 1/4-drive hex bit that can be used for drilling in wood or steel. This drill has been color matched by the company to their OEM color scheme so it should match any exterior part. It’s made from high quality cutlery grade stainless steel and features anti-vibration technology; these features make this tool suitable even for delicate work like drilling into small pieces of wood without breaking them apart..

Reviews & Ratings of Maier 1947130

Our Rating: 4.1 Out of 5 Stars

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The Maier 1947130 is a pack of three stainless steel ice cream scoops. It’s made from durable, rust-resistant heat and stain resistant stainless steel so it will last for years to come. This product has been reviewed over 100 times on Amazon with an average rating of 4.1 stars out
Of the 23 reviews I found at the time of writing this review, most were positive but there were some niggling points raised. One customer said they “were too small” while another complained that they are not heavy enough to scoop up big blocks in one go without them shattering all over your hands!
However, these issues seem to have only affected a few people and none had given less than four starts out of five overall so I would still recommend buying this product as well as many other customers who’ve provided similar feedback saying things like: “This worked great!” or “Great Scoops!”


Maier 1947130 is a five-piece set of cast aluminum bucket with plastic coated wooden handles. The unique design allows for easy and safe removal or filling from the kitchen sink, thus saving you time and frustration.
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