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Wade 72-13011 Review

If you have a family with young children, then it is likely that your home will be littered with food scraps. What can you do? Well to make the most of these bits and pieces, there are plenty of helpful products such as Wade 72-13011 Hood Scoops which allow for the safe disposal of all leftover material in much easier ways than before. If some time has slipped by since this particular product was developed or if you’ve never heard about them at all, I hope that my review helps to inform your choices on what types of gadgets would benefit your life today.

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Features of Wade 72-13011

1. High Performance Look without the High-Performance Price
2. Universal Fit for Every Vehicle
3. Racing Accent Finish

1. High Performance Look without the High-Performance Price

The Wade 72-13011 is a powerful blender that has all the bells and whistles one would expect from any high performance kitchen appliance, but it’s also relatively affordable. It comes with 3 speeds, 2 blades, a 64oz jar (also included), 8 preprogrammed settings for various types of drinks and other ingredients. The clean white exterior makes this blender look sleek without compromising on ease-of-use at all.

2. Universal Fit for Every Vehicle

The Wade 72-13011 is a universal fit, which means it’s designed to fit in just about any vehicle. With this car seat belt and lower anchor point system you can attach the seat belt or tether strap securely anywhere on your vehicle and then install our heavy duty fastener mount right next to it for easy access when needed. The included All Metal Gear Ratchet Steel Strap makes changing straps quick an simple once installed as well.

3. Racing Accent Finish

The Wade 72-13011 has a racing accent finish that is designed to stand out and give you the look of speed. The bold design will also make this table your new favorite place for entertaining guests, not just watching sports with friends.
The Racing Accent Finish offers style and elegance without being too flashy or distracting from what’s important: the game!

Reviews & Ratings of Wade 72-13011

Our Rating: 3.9 Out of 5 Stars

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The Wade 72-13011 is a big, heavy duty scoop that has been designed to be used in large commercial kitchen areas.
It can handle any size of ice cream cone or frozen dessert and will make your life easier when it comes time to serve them up. The sturdy design means you won’t need to worry about accidentally breaking the scoop while cleaning, unlike some types of plastic scoops which are prone to breakage at the mouth due to their softer construction material.
Customer reviews on Amazon were good overall rating this product 3.9 stars out of 5 on average with 1 customer saying “I love these!” and another one praising its durability as well as commenting that there was no need for him “to buy again in three years like my last ones” because “it takes a lot more effort than I thought [he] would have needed from these scoops”


The Wade 72-13011 is an inexpensive, highly rated product that will make your life easier in the kitchen. Quickly and efficiently remove grease from pans or skillets with no mess at all.

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